My name is Ian Hutchinson.

You may have seen some of my work at the Interaction & Moving Image degree show at the London College of Communication.

Here's a reminder of what you saw.

Heartbeat Orchestra

An installation that takes the pulse rates of five participants and turns it into generative orchestral music with accompanying projected visuals.

Participants gather around a CNC-cut podium and place their finger into a 3D printed finger clip. The sensor uses light to determine the saturation of blood in their finger, passing the data into a Processing sketch that generates the projection graphics and the sound.

Electoral Reflector

We know better now, but the British political landscape was thought to be a lot different before the 2015 General Election. This satirical piece frames the emerging field of machine intelligence in a political context, using language generation to create new political policies and computer vision to guess someone's statistically likely party political allegiance and their emotional responses to generated policies.

Here's some other things that you didn't see:

Electric Pheromones

Combining love and electricity, this project invited visitors to the Science Museum Lates in February 2015 to build a badge to help them meet like-minded people. The badge is set to a colour corresponding to an activity at the Museum. Participants roam the Museum, looking for someone else with a badge that takes their fancy. They push the badges together, and if it's a match, they go off and do the activity together.

Hidden Headlines

While anti-censorship software has enabled citizens to access journalism in countries with poor press freedom, the learning curve of subverting such blocks has a high level of entry that is generally limited to those with technical knowledge and affluence to access the Interent.

Hidden Headlines aims to bridge this divide between experts and those wanting access to free journalism by repurposing old mobile phones and radios into tools which can send and receive encrypted news through text messages.

I've exhibited a prototype of this tool, accompanied by a live visualisation that shows the mechanisms inside the project to the audience.

Like what you see?

Let's talk. Email me at Call me on +44 (0)7429 008572. I'm also @ihutc on Twitter.

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© Ian Hutchinson 2015. Portrait by Elliott Dean.