Ian Hutchinson



Hello. I’m Ian Hutchinson, a freelance developer based in London, United Kingdom.

I work across code and design, in physical and digital mediums. I mainly use JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

I’ve spoken at conferences about digital rights and participated in exhibitions at Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum and Somerset House.

I’m interested in the social and political implications of technology. I think technology should be used to help people challenge the way things are.

You can read my latest thinking on my blog. “What’s Next” is a good place to start.

I’d love to hear about what you’re working on. Pop me a message at ian@ihut.cc or to @ihutc on Twitter.

Photo of Ian

Tweet Delete

Tweet Delete

Tweet Delete was a response to my unease with the permanence of social media and the negative consequences of social media posts following adolescents into adulthood.

The website presented my old tweets and invited visitors to delete them from my profile, letter by letter, by pressing their backspace key. Over 123 days, 2,000 visitors deleted 5,077 tweets dating back to June 2009.

The website was featured by hoverstat.es, Brutalist Websites, Cool Side Projects and Inspiring Online.

Mediums used: Node.js, Socket.io, Twitter API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Heartbeat Orchestra

Heartbeat Orchestra generates live music and visuals using data from five pulse sensors. It has been exhibited at the Science Museum in London and Secret Garden Party.

Mediums: Arduino, Processing, projection mapping, CNC cutting, 3D printing

Collaborators: Miyu Hayashi, Matt Sharp, Alejandro Romero and Annemarie Wadlow